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Friction is an opposing force that acts between two bodies having relative motion or trying to move relatively. It acts at the contact surfaces of […]

Types of motion

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Motion is the change in position of an object. The motion of an object can be of following three types: a) Rectilinear motion: In this […]

Center Of Mass

March 5, 2019 admin 0

Center of mass of a body or a system of bodies is a point at which entire mass of the body or system of bodies […]

Atomic Number

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Atomic number is defined as the total number of proton present inside the nucleus of an atom.


February 8, 2019 admin 1

Valency can be defined as the combining capacity of an atom. From the Bohr-Bury model model we know that electrons in the outermost orbit tries […]

Rutherford’s Atomic Model

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On the basis of his experiment on “scattering alpha-particles” he discovered the nucleus and put forward the nucleus model of an atom, which had the […]

Thomson’s Atomic Model

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In the year 1897 by a British physicist Joseph John Thomson through his vaccum tube experiment concluded that the atom was not indivisible as previously […]